International C40 Transport Conference

We were honoured to be invited as keynote speaker to the International Transport Conference: Together towards Healthy, Fair and Sustainable Mobility, which took place in Milan on 12 March.


The event brought together cities from across Europe that are promoting a shift towards healthy, sustainable and climate-neutral mobility. By fostering collaboration and dialogue, the event sought to establish a common commitment to tackle toxic air pollution, safeguard residents’ health and well-being, and spearhead a transformation in urban mobility.


The event began with a welcome from:

Caterina Sarfatti, Managing Director for Inclusion and Global Leadership, C40 Cities, and

Arianna Censi, Deputy Mayor for Mobility, City of Milan.


The event featured Federico Parolotto, CEO of MIC-HUB, as the keynote speaker.


Federico presented the Piazzale Loreto project as a key example of an urban regeneration initiative in Milan, a project that promotes sustainable mobility and fosters a vibrant, people-centric environment for a sustainable future. Federico emphasised the significance of urban transportation in addressing the climate emergency, as well as the need for accessible, affordable and dependable public transport and active mobility infrastructure.


Following his presentation, the event continued with a panel discussion on ‘Accelerating action for achieving green and healthy streets by 2030’ with:

Stefano Riazzola, Mobility Director, City of Milan, and

Cécile Honorè, Deputy Manager, Public Space Sharing and Air Quality Division, City of Paris.


A second panel discussion entitled ‘Decarbonising freight for green, safe and efficient urban logistics’ brought together:

Veronica Oppici, AMAT,

Riccardo Mangiaracina, Polytechnic University of Milan,

Karin Van Dijk, Mobility Advisor, City of Rotterdam,

Sara Dell’Orto, Country Zero Emissions Delivery Project Leader, IKEA, and

Matteo Castronuovo, Operations Manager, UBM.


To conclude, the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, gave his Mayoral Address.

The event is organised by C40 to align with a European Transport workshop, which will bring over 20 delegates from 12 European cities to the city of Milan.

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