MIC-HUB alla Biberach University, Germania

Kathrin Pinter, Project Leader at MIC-HUB, recently was in Germany for the third edition of the workshop ‘Mobility as an Urban Factor’ organised at the Biberach School of Architecture.


The workshop sessions focused on the themes of mobility and public space, analysing contradictory elements related to changing urban dynamics, at times difficult to reconcile, also in relation to the current environmental crisis.


The programme analysed the theme of mobility through discussion on: people and how they move, urban mobility policies, infrastructures and their central role in the regeneration of the city, public space as a space of relationship between the dynamic elements and static elements of an urban ecosystem, and the future of mobility dynamics.

The final discussion will take place in June when the students’ projects will be revealed.

For the third time, MIC-HUB organised the workshop at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Biberach, Germany.

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