Our first Workshop “Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice” at Politecnico di Milano

We’re happy to mark the end of our first Workshop “Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice” at Politecnico di Milano. It was a pleasure working with such amazing professionals and bright students.


The Workshop brought together multiple disciplines such as Transport Planning, Transport Modelling, Civil Engineer, Landscape and Social Engagement into an unify vision.

The program analyzed the theme of mobility to give participants the opportunity of exploring transport and its role in creating sustainable, liveable communities by expanding theoretical knowledge from different disciplines, deploying cutting-edge techniques in data and spatial analysis, the latest transport simulation tools and the fundamentals of road design and water management.


The workshop was organized with the contribution of many valuable instructors and guest speakers:

Georg Polzer – Co-Founder & Chairman Teralytics

Isabella Inti – Temporiuso and DAStU Politecnico di Milano

Demetrio Scopelliti – Director of Urban Planning and Public Space at AMAT Agenzia Mobilità, Ambiente e Territorio

Oscar McDonald – Architect and Urban designer, Associate Director Space Syntax

Jens Hoffmann – COO LAND

Luigi Farrauto – Co-Founder 100km Studio

Daniel Vasini – Creative Director West 8

Tommaso Bitossi – Associate Director Transsolar KlimaEngineering


We also like to thank all our Project Leader, Directors and Senior Consultants that participate as speakers to the lectures: Mirko Franzoi, Federico Cicu, Sepehr Khaleghian, Daniel Gorokhov, Marco Bianconi, Francesco Betta, Andrea Selmin, Anna Vnukovskaya and Gaia Sgaramella.

Promotors: Prof. Andrea Arcidiacono, Prof. Carolina Pacchi and Prof. Massimo Bricocoli, Federico Parolotto, Federico Marcantognini, and tutor class Gloriana Barboza García.


Congratulation to all our students for the commitment and their great ideas!

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