Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone

MIC-HUB was in Sierra Leone to participate in the development of Sherbro Island City. This was the first multi-consultant visit to kick off feasibility studies to determine phased implementation of building the first afro-dynamic eco-city on Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone.


Sherbro Island is one of the gems of West Africa, located two hours by motor boat from the mainland. With an influx of investment and tourism, local businesses will stand to significantly benefit from the access to new capital and provision of services for tourists, residents, and new employees.


During our recent trip, we visited Bonthe, the main town and first access point to the island. We also received a very warm welcome from the residents of small local villages and admired the peaceful beaches, mangrove forests and exotic natural habitats.


The visit highlighted the incredible cultural richness and diversity of the island’s different ecosystems, habitats, edge conditions, and diverse communities. The team also identified a number of data collection and survey initiatives to be undertaken to provide an integrated basis for design exploration.


It was a unique experience. The island is almost car-free, with transportation limited to walking, using motorbikes and boat rides. The mobility project will manage efficient transport to and from the island as well as sustainable mobility on Sherbro.


Dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Sierra Leone, Sherbro Alliance Partners, founded by Idris Elba and Siaka Stevens, aims to foster sustainable, economic growth in their homeland. It aims to regenerate the island and turn it into an eco-friendly smart city that will provide a safe, diverse, sustainable and innovative centre for business and tourism.


Sherbro Island aims to be the world’s first afro-dynamic eco-city. At the heart of this project is Afrocentricity. SAP is working with the Government of Sierra Leone and the local people to develop a city based on African cultural values and principles, prioritising community, collaboration, and respect for nature.


MIC-HUB is part of a professional team helping to realise the vision for Sherbro Island. A strong, diverse, multi-discipline team is supporting SAP to realise this vision, including:

Delwik Group, Octopus Energy Generation, Sasaki Associates, Foster & Partners, Saota, MIC-HUB, PRDW, Frost and Sullivan, Edelman, Buro Happold, Lloyds, and Pegasys.

Gloriana Barboza, senior consultant at MIC-HUB was part of the team involved in the site visit of Sherbro Island.

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