Workshop Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice

Discover more about the workshop “Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice” that MIC-HUB and DAStU held at Politecnico di Milano.


The workshop promoted a multidisciplinary approach to transport planning at the intersection of urban and infrastructure design, landscape architecture, and data and spatial analytics, aiming to provide effective solutions to a changing society.



Thanks to our valuable guests:

Georg Polzer – Co-Founder & Chairman of Teralytics

Isabella Inti – Temporiuso and professor at DAStU – Politecnico di Milano

Demetrio Scopelliti – Director of Urban Planning and Public Space at AMAT Agenzia Mobilità, Ambiente e Territorio

Oscar McDonald – Architect and Urban designer, Associate Director of Space Syntax

Jens Hoffmann – COO of LAND

Luigi Farrauto – Co-Founder of 100km Studio

Daniel Vasini – Creative Director of West 8

Tommaso Bitossi – Associate Director of Transsolar KlimaEngineering


We also like to thank all our Project Leader, Directors and Senior Consultants that participate as speakers to the lectures: Francesco Betta, Marco Bianconi, Federico Cicu, Mirko Franzoi, Daniel Gorokhov, Sepehr Khaleghian, Gaia Sgaramella, Andrea Selmin and Anna Vnukovskaya.


Promotors: Prof. Massimo Bricocoli, Prof. Andrea Arcidiacono and Prof. Carolina Pacchi, Federico Parolotto, Federico Marcantognini, Gloriana Barboza García and Alessia Mendichi.

It was a pleasure working with such amazing professionals and bright students.

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