Workshop Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice, Politecnico di Milano

Transport Planning: From Theory to Practice is the new workshop held by MIC-HUB at Politecnico di Milano.


This workshop promotes a multidisciplinary approach to transport planning at the intersection of urban and infrastructure design, landscape architecture, and data and spatial analytics, aiming to provide effective solutions to a changing society.

The purpose of this workshop is to give participants the opportunity of exploring transport and its role in creating sustainable, liveable communities by expanding theoretical knowledge from different disciplines, deploying cutting-edge techniques in data and spatial analysis, the latest transport simulation tools and the fundamentals of road design and water management.

The workshop is designed to offer theoretical contributions on projects and research from experts in different fields, professors
and invited guests, as well as hands-on sessions, as an opportunity to rethink a complex mobility node in Milan.

A better city is possible!



Promotors: Prof. Andrea Arcidiacono (Polimi), Prof. Carolina Pacchi (Polimi), Federico Parolotto (MIC-HUB), Federico Marcantognini (MIC-HUB), with many other instructors and guest speakers.

Where: Politecnico di Milano, classrooms 3.1.6 / 7.0.1 | MIC-HUB Office, via P. Custodi 16

How to apply: Send your Curriculum Vitae to

CFU: 4 credits workshop


The workshop will be conducted in English and is available for students of the following courses:

– L21 Urbanistica: Città Ambiente Paesaggio

– LM4 Architettura – Ambiente Costruito – Interni – Architecture – Built Environment – Interiors

– LM4 Architettura e Disegno Urbano – Architecture and Urban Design

– LM4 Sustainable Architecture and Landscape Design – Architettura Sostenibile e Progetto del Paesaggio

– LM48 Urban Planning and Policy Design – Pianificazione Urbana e Politiche Territoriali

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