Kathrin Pinter - Project Leader

Mobility Planning Team

Image of Kathrin Pinter

As a trained masterplanner I have joined MIC-HUB in 2010 and ever since I’m leading and coordinating transport & mobility planning teams in the design and delivery of numerous large scale transport & mobility studies collaborating with firms such as Broadway Malyan, Foster + Partners, UnStudio, MVRDV and other well-known offices on several ground breaking projects.

A vast array of sustainable mobility related frameworks have exposed myself to the complex issues of transport and urban design in a variety of cultural and environmental contexts, spanning from the States to China, from Europe to Africa and the Middle East. I’m placing particular importance on a collaborative working approach with clients, fellow consultants and stakeholders being actively involved in projects requiring strategic development, analysis and planning design providing leadership and oversight on innovative and future proofed studies.

Over the last years I’ve extensively worked in development countries where rapid expansion is occurring, often without proactive, sustainable urban planning to guide growth. My challenge was therefore to promote environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation for a sustainable, livable future.

The key project in this sense was the BRT Phase 1 Corridor Development Strategy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While the BRT provided a significant opportunity for both the public and private sectors to invest in urban development and improve the utilization of land along the corridor, the changes needed to be carefully guided, so they were appropriate contextually and culturally. In addition, a careful balance had to be maintained to ensure that lower-income communities and the greater public could also benefit from the resultant economic and social gains over time

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