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The Masterplan for Facebook Willow Campus is a mixed-use neighbourhood adjacent to their existing headquarters in Menlo Park in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The exponential number of new work places in the area has increased the demand for transportation, yet regional infrastructure improvements have hardly caught up and not enough alternative modal choices have been developed.

Facebook engaged OMA’s New York office to design the extension Masterplan of its iconic campus. The new campus will be an integrated, mixed-use village providing long-needed community services and an opportunity to catalyse regional transit investment by providing planned density, new east-west connections and a future transit centre.


San Francisco



Main expertise

Mobility Consultancy; Transport and Traffic Modelling


  • Strategies and solutions that embrace future mobility scenarios
  • People-centric mobility
  • Sustainable mobility options

Our contribution

In this context, our primary goal was to identify strategies and solutions that embrace a range of future scenarios.

Connecting people and communities is also about designing infrascapes that provide equal opportunities for people to move, meet, and communicate.

Facebook Willow Campus is a people-centric district where the community is encouraged to exchange and share life experiences. Public transportation, private transit services, ride sharing, cycling and walking are not only more sustainable options, they are also a means for serendipitous encounters and the exchange of knowledge.

MIC-HUB thus developed a strategic plan to activate the Dumbarton multimodal corridor, increasing accessibility to the campus and to local communities by providing alternatives to car dependency.

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