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Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia is a non-profit organization, based in Lombardy and other regions of Northern Italy, which has been taking care of the frail with physical, psychological and social disabilities for more than 120 years.

MIC-HUB is undergoing an assignment with the Fondazione to develop a flexible service to manage the mobility of guests of the daytime activity centre of Cesano Boscone.

For MIC-HUB, the mobility challenge focused on the autonomous management of the Foundation guests’ time, developing a flexible service to accompany the guests from their residence to the day centre and allowing them to vary their arrival and return times to address different needs or unforeseen events.




Fondazione Istituto Sacra Famiglia ONLUS


  • IT services aimed at remedying the lack of flexibility of the current transport service
  • A transport system able to cope with special needs of persons with reduced mobility
  • Use of mobile data network to better investigate movement patterns

Our contribution

Mobility will be managed through the computerized booking service in an inclusive, safe, flexible and sustainable way.

Thanks to the periodic collection of travel data, it will also be possible to optimize the service, customize it for the particular needs of passengers (e.g. wheelchair or accompanying person), guarantee their safety at all times, and reduce diseconomies.

MIC-HUB carried out an interview campaign with the guests’ families, analyzing the data to understand the individual preferences revealed and stated.

The Covid-19 emergency has complicated the system’s operating conditions by having to divide the guests into hermetic ‘bubbles’ to ensure their safety. This particular health situation has allowed important testing of the service to be carried out for the needs of managing constraints relating to the restrictions.

MIC-HUB collaborated with Shotl to design a new customized transport system for the Cesano Boscone Day Centre. Once the practical test is concluded, MIC-HUB will define the complete service for the mobility system, extending computerization to the entire fleet of vehicles that transport the Foundation’s guests.

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