Buenos Aires “RioParque”

MIC-HUB is part art of the winning team of the ‘National Competition of Ideas for Buenos Aires and the River’ in Argentina!


On 15 March 2023, the jury announced the winners of the competition for ‘Buenos Aires and River – Urban Coastal Public Park’ (Parque Publico Costa Urbana) in Argentina. The competition was organized by the city of Buenos Aires in collaboration with the Central Society of Architects (SCA) and sponsored by the Argentine Federation of Architectural Entities.


The winning proposal entitled ‘BA Rioparque’ presents a unique opportunity for the city to establish a direct connection with the river. Showcasing a range of different ecosystems, the project focuses on revaluing existing features, reclaiming significant park relics, celebrating local biodiversity, and implementing ecological restoration initiatives. The proposal transforms an underutilised area into a space for relaxation, contemplation, and community engagement, making it a valuable addition to the city of Buenos Aires.

The project proposes a green infrastructure park transitioning from the city to the river. The park is defined by three main edge conditions: the canal, the floodplains, and the open river, which make up the park’s three main areas: The Meadow and the Garden of Relics, the Phyto-Remediation Archipelago, and the Southern Lookout.


The mobility strategy focused on the following actions:

• Connectivity: new optimised connections with the existing bicycle network, the extension and improvement of local public transport as well as the integration of the new BA Rioparque into the tourist itineraries of the city;

• Accessibility: by reviewing the port area and redistributing cargo traffic, the project aims to encourage the use of sustainable mobility to access the park as well as improve the public realm quality. It also proposes new connections towards the south of the city, maximizing the flexibility and integration of the surrounding neighborhoods;

• Circulation: the internal circulation focuses on guaranteeing a pedestrian and bicycle network which will be supported by the strategic location of micro-mobility hubs and dedicated services in order to guarantee the coverage of the whole park as well as the integration with the city’s network.


MIC-HUB worked as mobility consultants with a multidisciplinary team led by WEST 8 (landscape architecture) + PALO arq (architecture and urban design) that includes also MGF (landscape and ecology).

Client: Buenos Aires City in collaboration with Central Society of Architects, and sponsored by the Argentine Federation of Architects (FADEA).

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