Mobility Planning

Mobility planning plays a central role in the shaping of communities, in reducing emissions and land fragmentation and, ultimately, in improving the quality of our lives.

MIC-HUB’s approach to transport planning begins by focusing on the users’ needs and always look at how the solution can respond to the needs of the community.

At the core of MIC-HUB’s transportation planning lies the capability of managing complex projects, from regional and city planning to complex urban master plans, from complex buildings to pedestrian and crowd movement.

MIC-HUB works across scale, creating plans for every kind of mobility, from cars to pedestrians, from bikes to transits.

We believe that transportation modelling plays a vital role in the shaping of our projects. We deploy the latest simulation tools for all mobility components to support and strengthen our transportation solutions.

Through our modelling simulations, we address the entirety of mobility flows in our cities.

Our modelling capability spans from regional and urban multimodal transportation models to the modelling of mobility flows of a single roundabout or building.

Thanks to an integrated approach that incorporates all the mobility components and a specific capability to interface with multiple stakeholders, MIC-HUB is able to convert different ideas and priorities into a consistent deployable transportation vision.

“With quality of life and quality of transport infrastructures being inextricably linked, we strive to plan the mobility of tomorrow for a sustainable and liveable world.”

Sabine Garrone

Mobility Planning Director

Regional & Urban
Master Planning
Complex Buildings
People Movement
Regional & Urban

MIC-HUB’s strength in Regional and Urban Transport Planning lies in its ability to support a team throughout the whole of the planning process in order to provide an advanced and innovative approach to all aspects relating to the transportation of people and goods.

A carefully planned multi-modal transportation network is of vital importance to the development of any region that aims to achieve steady development rates and competitiveness.

The objective of MIC-HUB’s Urban and Regional Transport Planning consultancy is to develop an integrated, multi-modal, strategic approach to transportation planning, to conform to transportation goals and objectives, to manage demands for travel, to respect environmental concerns, and to support economic growth.

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MIC-HUB’s capabilities range from existing cities to new cities, covering all means of transport, from pedestrian and cycling mobility to high-capacity and innovative public transport systems.

Transport planning in cities is becoming increasingly important; there is now an opportunity for the exploration of futuristic and sustainable forms for new and existing cities.

Cities in the future will face unprecedented challenges, leading us to believe that planning (and more precisely transport planning) must aim to reduce energy consumption, while promoting sustainability in a broader sense and enhancing the urban quality of life.

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Transport modelling
Public transport network
Sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs)
Transport Master Plan
New foundation city
Pedestrian & Bicycles plans
Multi-modal plans & Strategies
Demand forecasting
Rails & Metros
Traffic impact assessment
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Master Planning

MIC-HUB is specialized in providing technical support for the master planning team in all aspects relating to mobility: our capabilities range from the development of an integrated, multi-modal and strategic approach to transportation planning, to the development of integrated strategies for heavy goods vehicles, public transit, and bicycle/pedestrian requirements.

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From the development of resilient transportation strategies, able to accommodate possible future fluctuations in travel demand patterns, to the definition of parking strategies and parking innovative design solutions.

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Transit Oriented Development TOD
Mixed-use development planning
Sustainable neighbourhoods
Active Mobility
Traffic impact study and analysis TIS TIA
Pedestrian and Bicycle studies
Comprehensive parking strategy
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Complex Buildings

MIC-HUB has worked on several major complex buildings around the world, including airports, railway stations, interchange hubs, mixed-use developments, towers, special attractors and business parks, delivering appropriate and sustainable accessibility.

Complex buildings require specific care because of the multimodal components of this specific developments. MIC-HUB addresses everything that moves within and around complex buildings, such as private transport, pedestrian movements, service and logistic circulation, public transport and bike connectivity as well as parking requirements and parking solutions.

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Successful consultancy addresses the entire journey that future visitors will make from end to end in order to prepare spot-on, contemporary and context-fitting solutions that ensure easy access to developments.

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Airport & Port Terminals
Hospitals and Medical Centres
Office and Business Park
Parking Structures
Rail, Metro and Interchange Hub
Retail Districts and Malls
Stadium and Arena
Tourism facilities
Wayfinding solutions
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People Movement

MIC-HUB has extensive experience in pedestrian and crowd movement studies, trip generation and footfall analysis, and uses the latest specialist software to assess and simulate the pedestrian environment inside complex buildings and in urban contexts.

Crowd movement is a critical component to the overall visitor experience when attending a major event or accessing a transport infrastructure.

Crowd management, as a specific service of the transport planning and engineering industry, represents one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving fields.

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Interpreting people behaviour can also contribute to the development of retail streets, inform the placement of billboards and other advertising and addresses the overall wayfinding requirements.

With an increasing worldwide focus on walkable cities, pedestrian modelling has become an essential activity for MIC-HUB. With over 15 years’ experience in the field, the MIC-HUB team provides an understanding of the phenomenon using the most advanced modelling tools.

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Spatial Analyses
Pedestrian Modelling
Footfall Analysis
Transport plan studies
Demand forecasting
Crowd management
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