Mobilità in città

Creating safe and accessible public spaces for all has a significant impact on the quality of everyday life. It can reinforce the community as well as promote a shared mobility culture and a sense of belonging to the place.

We are proud to present mobilità in città, a non-profit foundation, founded by MIC-HUB, a company of urban mobility professionals and activists.

Mobilità in città aims to promote a culture of mobility based on principles of quality and accessibility of public space, as well as ensuring people's safety.

Mobilità in città actively promotes participation activities, training, outreach, and active research to raise awareness among citizens and urban professionals on topics related to Design for All and road safety.

Mobilità in città believes that widespread collective awareness among designers and citizens can contribute to building better mobility, cities and communities.

Mobilità in città is a non-profit foundation that pursues civic, solidarity and social purposes. It aims to promote participation activities, training, dissemination and awareness-raising on mobility related topics, also as a means of improving life quality and social cohesion.

The Mobilità in città foundation is awaiting to be enrolled on the Italian RUNTS register.

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