Infrastructure Design

At MIC-HUB, we believe that road design is much more than a simple exercise in civil engineering. Designing the road network and public space today means taking stock of a complex system, one that guarantees multimodal transport, road safety, water recycling, reduced acoustic impacts, and micro-climatic comfort.

We believe that designing the road network therefore means dealing with design in the fullest sense of the term and for this reason we have called this sector Infrastructure Design.

Over the last ten years, MIC-HUB has always designed roads and public spaces starting from the assumption of rebalancing the presence of people on our roads, creating infrastructures that allow inclusive and safe mobility.

MIC-HUB offers closely integrated design services from planning to construction site.

We believe that our design approach to infrastructure also has a consequential impact on the decarbonization process, thereby improving the quality of life of all citizens.

From the reconfiguration of the Moscow Garden Ring to the redesign of Detroit's Millennium Park road network and the redesign of the Porta Nuova expansion in Milan, MIC-HUB has delivered projects that minimize the environmental impacts and respond to the needs of the cities of today and tomorrow.

The design of transport infrastructures is an integral process of our work – always focused on quality of space, public realm, pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment - that starts from planning and ends with the construction.

Valerio Piroso

Infrastructure Design Director

Road Design
Public Realm Design
Construction Management
Road Safety
Road Design

The MIC-HUB team deals with all phases of road design from feasibility studies to conceptual design and construction management.

Road design at MIC-HUB is part of an integrated process that ensures consistency between the mobility planning aspect and the detailed geometric definition of the road network. With over 10 years’ experience, the MIC-HUB team is able to solve complex problems on the national and international scale.

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MIC-HUB pursues the objective of enhancing new road infrastructures and those to be redeveloped with tailored interventions: that is, studying solutions that are always adapted to the specific characteristics of the proposed road project.

MIC-HUB designs roads that guarantee safety and efficiency with regard to the geometry of the roads and the road surfaces, and also regarding the street lighting and the systems for the disposal of rainwater, essential elements to support a model of sustainable development.

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Schematic Design:
Illustrated report; Preliminary cost estimate; Road network key plan; Existing road layout plans; Road layout plans; Road junction layout; Typological road sections; Road longitudinal profiles; Traffic signs and road markings plans.

Detailed Design:
Technical illustrated report; Bill of quantities and costs estimate; Pavement design; Road network key plan; Existing road layout plans; Road layout plans; Road layout plans comparing existing condition; Intersection plans with details; Typological road sections with details; Road longitudinal profiles; Cross sections; Main traffic sign, road marking plans and barrier plan; Standard requirements for project’s contract; Design of embankment, selection and design of materials.

Construction Documents: Technical-illustrated report; Bill of quantities and costs estimate; Pavement design; Existing road layout plans; Road network key plan; Road layout plans; Road layout plans comparing existing condition; Intersection plans with details; Typological road sections with construction details; Road longitudinal profiles; Road tracking plans; Cross sections; Traffic sign plans; Road marking plans; Road barrier plans; Standard requirements for project’s contract; Design of embankment, selection and design of materials; Maintenance plan.
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Public Realm Design

Today, dealing with mobility means dealing with the entirety of the public realm, as mobility is now much more than a simple carriageway.

The road realm expands beyond the space occupied by the car and becomes an integral part of the public space.

Therefore, design infrastructure is not simply about designing the car areas, it is also about designing spaces for the people, bikes and micro mobility.

A great public space is a space in which all the urban flows come together, reinforcing active urban life.

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Whether working in conjunction with multidisciplinary teams or when directly appointed, MIC-HUB is able to plan road network design and the adjacent public space.

Our work spans from feasibility studies to construction documents and site supervision.

MIC-HUB’s integrated approach allows us to deliver projects starting from the urban planning phase through to the design of the curb detail.

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Feasibility Studies
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Detailed Design
Construction Documents
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Construction Management

A specific characteristic of MIC-HUB is that it covers all aspects of the processes related to transport, from the initial strategic part to construction management. In this way, the customer can be assured that the project is carried out in a wholly coherent manner according to the executive design. MIC-HUB guarantees supervision of the construction of all road components, including the geometric elements, road build-up and sub-services.

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• Technical, accounting and administrative control;
• Verification of the correct execution of the works;
• Accounting of the works;
• Supervision and coordination of the various activities of the construction management office;
• Meeting minutes and service orders;
• Management of technical variations and contractual reservations;
• Acceptance of materials;
• Testing assistance.

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Scheduling and Cost Management
Contract Management
Safety Management
Site Supervision
Quality Management
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Road Safety

Road design has traditionally focused on road performance rather than safety. At MIC-HUB, we believe that safety should be the milestone of any road design.

Although there is no official international or European reference standard that can overcome the obsolete road design regulations in force in different countries, there are several guidelines that provide valuable principles.

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MIC-HUB focuses on designing roads and public spaces with high safety standards. The circulation of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and, more recently, electric scooters and micro-vehicles, must transpire in harmony and in the absence of dangerous conditions.

Aspects, such as the design of compact road geometries, strategies to induce a reduction in vehicle speeds, the presence of adequate spaces and visibility conditions, the insertion of traffic calming elements and the reduction of conflict points, all contribute to defining safer design solutions.

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Safety verification of new road projects (feasibility, final, executive)
Verification of the safety and accident conditions of existing roads (Road Safety Audit and Road Safety Advice)
All design phases for variations aimed at increasing safety
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