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Mission & Vision

MIC-HUB is an international team of planners, engineers, designers and consultants, working across every aspect of mobility and transportation. With stakeholder involvement at the heart of the process, we deliver innovative solutions that enhance mobility and access to transportation systems, while empowering communities and contributing to preserving the environment. With an extensive track record of international clients and projects of all scales and sizes, we deliver value to customers and society across the globe.

We envision thriving cities with enhanced economic, social and environmental performances, where mobility becomes equitable, efficient, safe and climate responsive. Driven by purpose and curiosity at the intersection of mobility, design and technology, we are committed to making a positive difference toward a more sustainable and inclusive world: accessing places, regenerating the planet.

Our People

Founded in Milan, MIC-HUB is an international transport-planning firm.

The MIC-HUB team is composed of mobility planners, engineers, and researchers transforming spaces to shape a more equitable, efficient, safe, and sustainable future.

80+ People
Project Leaders
80+ People
Project Leaders

We assist our clients solving their most complex and ambitious challenges by turning ideas and goals into reality while supporting world-class sustainable transformation all over the world.

  • Deputy Head, Moscow Department Of Transportation

    “MIC-HUB is a very creative team of world class professionals, capable of working in a very complex and massive projects of rebuilding cities and its streets.”

  • Founding Partner, AUDI AG

    “During our collaboration for the Audi Urban Future Initiative, we relied on MIC-HUB extensive expertise on transport and urban planning. To change the way cities and their citizens are seamless mobile, one needs visionary people to create a sustainable future. That was the reason why, we worked with MIC-HUB to engage in an interdisciplinary dialog about a sustainable mobile future for cities.”

  • Founding Partner, Carlo Ratti Associati

    “We have been working with MIC-HUB for many projects and in many countries. We like their approach to mobility innovation - which is the perfect complement to what we strive to achieve at the urban design level.”





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