Catania Waterfront Competition

MIC-HUB is proud to be part of the winning team in the international competition for the regeneration of Catania’s Waterfront. The team, led by Park Associati, also includes Consorzio Stabile di Ingegneria R1 S.c.a.r.l., COPRAT Società Cooperativa, Smartland, Luca Ruggiero, Gianni Petino, Teresa Graziano, BASE, Mario Salvatore Cartruccio Castracani.

The project goal is to foster the urban fruition of the waterfront by improving the urban quality of the area and its accessibility via sustainable modes, also thanks to the planned underground railway. Water is at the same time an asset and a criticality of the area, that the project has addressed by putting in place environmental resiliency strategies.

The Project of the Waterfront of Catania has as its core the water as source element of the renewed connection between the city and the sea

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