Ciudad Creativa Digital in Guadalajara

The masterplan Ciudad Creativa Digital, designed by CRA CarloRattiAssociati and Dennis Frenchman of MIT, was presented in Mexico City on the 20th of November.

The innovative master plan has the ambitious program of integrating digital technologies within the regeneration of the Guadalajara historic city center. The presentation was led by Carlo Ratti of CRA CarloRattiAssociati with Simon Giles of Accenture, Pablo Lazo of Arup and Federico Parolotto of MIC-HUB.

“Working with Carlo Ratti and the rest of the team has been a great open-mind process; the master plan is showing how digital connectivity can influence our way of living and working, and actually shape our cities too” says Francesca Arcuri, senior consultant of MIC-HUB.

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