Crescenzago, Milan C40 Reinventing Cities competition

Green Between Urban Textures is the entrance, green and alive, to Parco Lambro. A ‘Housing Sociale’ project, which turns on the light in the Hub of Crescenzago, connecting the area with main conversions planned for this district of Milan. This project boosts green infrastructures, last mile mobility and neighborhood social networks, by offering new services and green jobs. It’s a “first house” for new generations, a safe place for families, and, thanks to controlled prices, fosters fairness, inclusion, neighbors’ collaboration and well-being for all citizens, also mitigating the urban gentrification process.

Embracing carbon emission mitigation, compensation and sequestration measures and commitments, the area aims at becoming a new ‘Housing Sociale’ Net Zero Carbon District.

Winning project: Green Between Tessiture Urbane

Team representative: Redo Sgr Spa

Architect: ARW

Environmental Expert: Stantec S.p.A.

Others: Fondazione Housing Sociale, Cresme Ricerche spa, GET srl, Dipartimento di Energia del Politecnico di Milano, EON Business Solution srl, è nostra, MIC-HUB srl, AG&P GreenScape, Planet Idea srl, In Vento Innovation Lab Impresa Sociale srl, Consorzio SIR – Solidarietà In Rete Soc. Coop. srl, Avanzi srl, In Domus srl.

We are delighted to be part of the winning team to reimagine Crescenzago, one of the sites of the C40 Reinventing Cities international competition.

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