Emaar Square in Istanbul

Emaar Square is a mixed use development offering luxury living in a stunning urban neighborhood. Emaar Square comprises 1,000 luxury homes, a 180 room 5 stars hotel, offices and the largest shopping mall on the Asian side of the city. The Shopping Mall, a trophy asset within the development, will offer city dwellers a world class shopping and leisure destination. With 150,000 sqm total rentable space, the mall will also feature a wide range of leisure facilities including entertainment centres, an ice rink, discovery center and underwater zoo.

MIC-HUB was the mobility/parking consultant for the project, looking at the road configuration at the base of the buildings, service areas and car parks. “Working for Emaar team has proven to be really challenging because of their understanding of complex projects – I believe it has been a really enriching process for the MIC-HUB team” says Sabine Garrone – Partner at MIC-HUB.

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