Ex Macello Milano C40 Reinventing Cities competition

Aria, the winning project for Ex Macello area, is a new neighborhood, alive, full of activities and exploring new ways of learning, having fun, growing up, living, and working. It will be the first Carbon Negative Area in Milan.

Through its diverse culture, creativity and solidarity with the environment, ARIA immerses its citizens in a variety of lifestyles that boasts workplaces, sites for the production and use of services: sustainable living based on inclusive and innovative experiences of cohabitation and collaborative temporary uses.

The winning project: ARIA

Team representative: Redo Sgr Spa – società benefit

Architect(s): Snøhetta Oslo AS, Barreca & La Varra, Cino Zucchi Architetti s.r.l., Stantec S.p.A., Chapman Taylor Architetti S.r.l.
Environmental Expert(s): Stantec S.p.A.

Others: Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori, Delta Ecopolis SOC. COOP, CA Student Living UK Holdings Limited, Fondazione Housing Sociale, IED Istituto Europeo Di Design SPA, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, prof. Ing. Marco Filippi, Deloitte Financial Advisory S.R.L., E.ON Business Solutions S.R.L., MIC-HUB Srl, LAMA Development and Cooperation Agency Soc.Coop., Planet Idea S.r.l., MPARTNER SRL, PNAT SRL, Cresme Ricerche S.p.A., Mare Food Lab srl, Associazione Giacimenti Urbani, TheFabLab srl, Associazione Festival della Scienza, Eatour srl, Sub Divo S.r.l, GaiaGo Sri, Electreon Wireless LTD, ènostra, LifeGate Consulting and Media Spa, Fondazione Don Gino Rigoldi onlus, Associazione Amici di Edoardo ONLUS, Museo AcomeAmbiente (MAcA), Istituti Scolastici di zona, Parrocchia San Pio V e Santa Marinia di Calvairate, So.Ge.Mi, A2A, Amsa, Quattro.

We are delighted to be part of the winning team to reimagine Ex Macello, one of the sites of the C40 Reinventing Cities international competition!

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