Fragile. Come si muove la città del futuro?

Actions such as moving, relating, and interacting constitute public spaces even more than the buildings that surround them.

What will be the future of urban mobility in the time of climate emergency?

The COVID-19 pandemic has destabilized the way we understand the city and the way we live in it. However, the health emergency should not make us forget that the real challenge to be faced is the climate emergency. During the pandemic, many cities have had to respond to the risk of modal shift due to a reduction in the use of public transportation systems in favor of individual mobility, with a potential heavy reliance on private car use. Car-only use in cities is undesirable, not only for environmental and urban quality issues, but also counterproductive to a return to “normal” city functioning.

On April 13, at the conference organized by the Order of Architects Planners Landscapers and Conservators of Genoa, with Federico Parolotto, Senior Partner – MIC-HUB will talk about space redistribution, flexible schedules, smart working and more to move toward a sustainable connected and free world.

The conference "Fragile. How does the city of the future move?" is being held in Genoa in the Salone del Maggior Consiglio at Palazzo Ducale and live streamed

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