Greater Muscat Structure Plan, Oman

We are thrilled to unveil the new project for the Greater Muscat Structure Plan that will be completed in 2023.

The aim of the project is to develop the GMSP to provide a more focused spatial development strategy for the metropolitan region. The development should balance demands for economic needs and quality of life, while delivering sustainable green growth that supports the prosperity of its people, safeguarding its natural environment and strengthening communities socially and culturally.


Our new adventure in Oman continues to focus on strengthening and promoting sustainable mobility by reducing private vehicles dependency, which is currently at 94%.

The overarching mobility framework will focus on:

• containing private trips,

• promoting public transport,

• favouring active mobility.


The recent workshop was a great success with more than 100 participants spanning from private stakeholders to the public sector, to discuss current mobility constraints and opportunities, alternative transportation modes, quality of services and benefits of flexible, sustainable and people-centred mobility strategies.

MIC-HUB team is working with a multidisciplinary team led by F&M Middle East and Broadway Malyan UK balancing international experience with thorough in-depth local knowledge which will support to enhance the institutional capacity for implementing the GMSP.

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