Linkiesta Magazine

The CEO of MIC-HUB Federico Parolotto was interviewed by Fabrizio Fasanella in the article Natural Cities, in the new issue of Linkiesta Magazine.


The cover story entitled ‘Natural Cities’ is dedicated to the protection of our Planet with an in-depth analysis of climate, environment and sustainable cities.


Federico talks about strategies and actions to change mobility and our cities, of the need to rethink the infrastructure of urban areas, starting with how we will move in the future, putting people back at the centre, not cars: “A car occupies an average of 12 and a half metres when stationary and even more when moving. Its position must be radically changed”.


Linkiesta Magazine, with articles from the New York Times’ Climate Forward and the journalists of Linkiesta, is on newsstands from Friday 26 April and it is available online at Linkiesta store.

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