Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA

MIC-HUB is working with Foster + Partners and a multidisciplinary team to realise Mayo Clinic’s revolutionary new vision for healthcare.


The project reimagines Mayo Clinic’s Rochester (Minnesota) campus, USA, and introduces new facilities with a combination of innovative care concepts and digital technologies to transform the patient experience. The new Rochester campus will be characterised by unique architectural elements and spaces, aiming to achieve a seamless integration of physical spaces and digital capabilities to meet patients’ unmet and evolving needs.


The innovative nature of the project involves also the approach to urban design. The project will enhance visitors experience by creating a unified campus with a continuous pedestrian space spanning four blocks in the very heart of downtown. A new clinical building, the pivot point of this new pedestrian-oriented space, will connect the new and historical Mayo facilities.


MIC-HUB is developing the mobility strategy for this new campus configuration by revising the access flows and ensuring the best integration with the ongoing projects, including a new Bus Rapid Transit line and a fast-growing bike lanes network.


A new parking strategy has been studied to guarantee the most convenient arrival, while maximising the potential of the most central areas dedicating them to patient care rather than car storage. In addition to car accessibility, a variety of new solutions will give patients, visitors and staff plenty of options for convenient, safe and seamless access to downtown.


The vision is about bringing Mayo Clinic teams and patients together in new ways that are designed to advance teamwork, transform the patient experience, create more cures and improve outcomes.

Mayo Clinic has a 160-year history of leading the world in healthcare innovation. It is a non-profit organisation committed to innovation in clinical practice, education and research, and to providing compassion, expertise and answers to everyone who needs healing.


Implementing such an ambitious expansion, without interfering with medical operations requires a specific focus and for this reason MIC-HUB has supported the team to plan ahead the traffic and access strategy during these interim phases. The main focus is always providing the best experience to patients and their loved ones also during the years of construction.

The project is a multi-year strategic initiative that advances Mayo Clinic’s organisation-wide strategy to Cure, Connect and Transform healthcare for the benefit of patients everywhere

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