MIC-HUB at Aedes Gallery in Berlin

MIC-HUB is one of the participants to the Future City Labs exhibition in Berlin: “City in progress: Please do not disturb”. The exhibition aims at investigating the future shapes of cities to come. Federico Parolotto Senior Partner at MIC-HUB attended at the event’s opening in Berlin on Tuesday the 22nd. “Future City Labs is an organization that comprises lots of different entities, from universities to consultant firms, and such diverse origin and typology of its components is definitely one of the strengths and great characteristics of the initiative” says Francesca Arcuri, senior consultant at MIC-HUB.

“A special thanks to Daniel Dendra and anOtherArchitect for the organization of the exhibition” says Federico Parolotto “without the focus and the intensity of Daniel’s team, the exhibition would have been impossible”.

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