MIC-HUB at Il Giusto Clima LIVE!

Why are cities no longer for people but only for cars?

What is 30km/h cities? Is it a nightmare or a solution?

How can a soft mobility system be organised outside the city?

We are delighted to attend the second live episode of The Right Climate, the programme by Radio Popolare dedicated to the climate crisis and strategies for ecological transition, produced with the ènostra cooperative.


The guests will be:

– Paola Piacentini, journalist and collaborator of Radio Popolare, communication FIAB – Italian Federation for the Environment and Cycling

– Claudio Magliulo, head of the Clean Cities Campaign in Italy

– Ilaria Fiorillo, activist: she speaks and writes about bicycles and photographs them on @milano_in_bicicletta

– Federico Parolotto, the CEO of MIC-HUB an author of Muoversi in uno spazio stretto – Verso una nuova mobilità (Quodlibet)

The discussion will be led by Elena Mordiglia and Gianluca Ruggieri, Il Giusto Clima announcers.


Please write to he following e-mail to attend the event in person at Radio Popolare’s Demetrio Stratos Auditorium (in Via Ollearo 5, Milan): prenotazioni@radiopopolare.it


Il giusto clima di mercoledì 05/04/2023

Tune to Radio Popolare on Wednesday 5th Aprile from 21:00

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