MIC-HUB participates in SOUx Genoa, the architecture programme designed for children

We were delighted to participate in SOUx Genoa, the architectural programme for elementary school children.


Gaia Sgaramella, Senior Consultant of the MIC-HUB Mobility Planning Team, and Alessia Mendichi, Communications Manager, held a workshop on urban mobility.

Together with the children, they explored how much space a person takes up when moving, how much urban land is taken up by car parks and how the experience of the city changes according to different means of transport.

It was very interesting to move around the city together and read the space through the attentive eyes of the children.


The SOUx Genoa programme aims to encourage boys and girls to look at architecture: inside and out, from above and below, endless possibilities to unleash their creativity and imagination.


The children’s architecture programme was initiated by Farm Cultural Park, one of the most influential independent cultural centres in the contemporary world and a vibrant project for the rethinking and rebirth of cities and small towns.

SOUx Genoa is organised by Alfonso Femia and Simonetta Cenci to show children how to look at and listen to territories, cities and buildings.

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