MIC-HUB at The Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge

We are delighted to attend the performance The Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge entitled MILAN AND THE UNPREDICTABLE in Milan on 17th December.


Conceived by Hannah Hurtzig and presented for the first time in 2004, The Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is an artistic event, a wide-ranging participatory performance, a place for the exchange, observation and production of knowledge that combines the intimacy of the tête-à-tête with the spectacularity of the theatrical installation, creating a multidisciplinary, multidimensional and hallucinatory space of knowledge, evoking what Milan is and could become.


In a large space called the Arena experts are called upon to offer some of their knowledge – obvious, irreverent, unexpected and surprising – in 30 minutes of one-to-one conversation with the audience. Their knowledge provides an encyclopaedic insight into the selected topic. These are urgent topics of urban and universal interest, different for each venue.


Federico Parolotto, CEO of MIC-HUB, is one of the experts that you can meet in one-to-one conversations.

Federico will discuss about Urban Landscapes (Paesaggi urbani) with the participants, analysing the current situation in Milan and reflecting on possible transformations for sustainable mobility.

Come and join us at La Pelota Jai Alai, via Palermo 10, Milan on Sunday 17th December from 5 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

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