MIC-HUB at the Milan Preview of Utopian Hours 2023

We are delighted to attend the Milan Preview: Utopian Hours 2023 talk in Milan on 21 September, the preview of the Utopian Hours festival that takes places in Turin from 13 to 15 October and tells stories about “making cities”.

Utopian Hours is an event organized by Stratosferica to collect news, voices and proposals from cities around the world.



Introduction by Giacomo Biraghi e Luca Ballarini, Directors and Curators of Utopian Hours.


During the talk “Making Milan” the speakers will focus on sustainable mobility, challenges and future scenarios.


– Fabrizio Zichichi, Lendlease;

– Giordana Ferri, Fondazione Housing Sociale;

– Federico Parolotto, MIC-HUB;

– Carlo Masseroli, Nhood Italy;

– Andrea Amichetti, Zero.eu.


Keynote speech by Jude Barber, Director of Collective Architecture.


Utopian Hours is the one festival that tells stories about “making cities”: the ideas, projects and places that life improving scenarios in the cities across the world.

For three days the festival gives voice to the protagonists of these changes: city makers, activists, architects and innovators share their experience, stimulating new visions of Turin’s future and a reflection on the concept of the city.

We look forward to seeing you at the eFM space, via Statuto 11, Milan on 21 September from 16.30

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