MIC-HUB at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

We are delighted to attend the conference ‘MILAN-PARIS. CONVERSATION: ARCHITECTURE ET URBANISME DURABLES’, a conversation about sustainable architecture and urban Planning which will be held at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal of Paris on 6 October.


During the Conversation Milan-Paris from 9.30, Anna Vnukovskaya, Transport Modelling Senior Consultant of MIC-HUB and Michele Montevecchi, Development Manager of Nhood are invited to present the Piazzale Loreto project, winner of the C40 – Reinventing Cities competition in Milan, selected among the projects as one of the most relevant case study for the present and the future of the city.


The Pavillon de l’Arsenal and C40 are joining forces for a series of discussions and debates under the banner of European cooperation: at a time when new urban models are needed to combat climate change, discussions between major European cities need to be stepped up and best practice disseminated.

This first edition will highlight the links between Milan and Paris and will focus on the common issues and specific challenges facing these major European metropolises.




Marion Waller, Managing Director of Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Hélène Chartier, Director of Urban Planning of C40

Development and innovation

Giancarlo Tancredi, Deputy for Urban Regeneration, Municipality of Milan

Stéphane Lecler, Director of Urban Planning, City of Paris

Charles-Antoine Depardon, Urban Planning Advisor to the First Deputy Mayor, City of Paris

Presentation of the project “Piazzale Loreto”

Michele Montevecchi, Development Manager, Nhood

Anna Vnukovskaya, Transport Modelling Senior Consultant, MIC-HUB

We look forward to seeing you at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Boluevard Morland 21, Paris, on Friday 6th October from 9.30 a.m.

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