MIC-HUB at the Spazio Libero Architecture Festival, Ferrara

We are delighted to attend the Movimento Libero talk in Ferrara on 29 April, an event organized by Spazio Libero (Free Space), the Architecture Festival in Ferrara.


Spazio Libero is the title of the first edition of the ‘Ferrara Slack City Festival’, one of the winning projects of the second edition of the architecture festival promoted by the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture.


The street not only concerns the movement of people and things, it is also where ideas, opinions and looks are exchanged. What is the cultural and social value of moving around the city today? Can we imagine spaces for intermodality as free spaces?


The CEO of MIC-HUB, Federico Parolotto, will discuss these and other issues with Marianna Ascolese, Arch. PhD, Unina, covering elements from his recent book, ‘Moving in a Narrow Space’.

Moderator: Alberto Geuna, Arch. PhD PoliMi, LVNG

We look forward to seeing you at Ubik bookstore, Via S. Romano 43 Ferrara, on Saturday 29th April from 11.00 a.m.

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