MIC-HUB at the Università degli Studi di Milano

For the first year, MIC-HUB is one of the lecturers of the Urban Planning and Design II course at the Università Statale di Milano.


The Urban and Territorial Design workshop, organised and coordinated by Ruben Baiocco, entitled “Milan without an outside”, aims to analyse the territory of the Lombardy post-metropolis in an operational way, a design investigation on the triangle: food policy, mobility and alternative urbanisation models.


Federico Parolotto, Mirko Franzoi and Delia Valastro participated in the lectures with the students of the course to explore the theme of mobility in the area under study and its links with the mobility of the urban environment.

For the first year MIC-HUB participates as a lecturer in the course Urban Planning and Design II at the Master's Degree Course in Analysis, Planning and Sustainable Land Management at the Statale University in Milan

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