MIC-HUB in the new episode of the podcast ‘Cities’ by Will Media

What is a 30 km/h city?

What are the most interesting examples of mobility and urban transformation on a human scale?


The decision of the municipality of Bologna to extend the 30 km/h limit to most of the city’s streets has reopened the debate on transforming mobility.


The 30 km/h city policy is not just about introducing a speed limit. It aims to rethink the whole relationship between the people, space and time of a city, as demonstrated by many cities across Europe that have gone down this path.


Federico Parolotto, CEO of MIC-HUB, discusses this topic with Paolo Bovio, Gloria Beltrami and Federico Tafuni in ‘The 30 km/h City from Bologna to Europe’, the new episode of the podcast ‘Cities’, an off-shoot of ‘Shape of EU’ by Will Media.


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