MIC-HUB is pleased to have contributed to Domus 1039 entitled ‘Only we can make the cities’, with a piece on global urban mobility trends.

How ancient is our future? Will we be living in a Jaston-like world made of personal flying saucers and delivery drones, or are we going back to the street layouts of the 1920s?

Although technological advancements are bringing about a whole array of radical changes to our transport systems, in this article it is argued that the future of urban mobility will be a mixture of continuity and change.

Using examples from four world cities and in an attempt to reach some conceptual clarity, the article puts forward some basic distinctions aimed at separating, in transport terms, what is most likely to stay (and why), from what is likely to change.

Domus 1039: Only we can make the new cities, October 2019

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