MIC-HUB participates in the RSI TV programme ‘Trend’

Federico Parolotto, CEO of MIC-HUB, and Valentina Giacomelli, Project Leader at MIC-HUB, were participants on the Swiss television programme ‘Trend’ on 20 December.


Valentina Giacomelli and Federico Parolotto take us on a tour to discover the Piazzale Loreto project in Milan. This key regeneration project will transform the car-dominated intersection into a large, green public area that favours sustainable and active modes of transport. Federico also spoke more widely on the changing trends in mobility in the city.


In this episode, the guests were invited to present iconic projects that are transforming cities around the world in a sustainable way.


‘Trend’ is RSI’s new show that analyses economic and social trends and tries to understand what future awaits us.

MIC-HUB is working on Piazzale Loreto project with a great team led by Nhood with Metrogramma as Lead Architect, Arcadis, Andrea Caputo, LAND, Temporiuso, From, IGP Decaux, Siemens, Helexia Group, Matteo Gallo, Renovatio Design, Manens-Tifs S.p.a., Sist and Gabriele Maragotto.

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