MIC-HUB presents two papers at European Transport Conference

During the European Transport Conference 2020, Luca Guala and Francesca Arcuri, senior consultants, will present two papers for MIC-HUB.

In particular:

On Thursday 10, during the session of Planning for Sustainable Land Use and Transport chaired by Danielle Snellen, Francesca Arcuri will present the paper “Can urban planning and architecture contribute to the reduction of traffic in cities? A case study of the Scali Ferroviari in Milano”.

While, on Friday 11, during the session chaired by Ambrosius Baanders, Luca Guala will present the paper “A tram-train service on an existing rail line in Varese, Italy”.

The former, written by Francesca Arcuri and Kathrin Pinter, also at MIC-HUB, and Bob Miller and Chris Choa of AECOM (UK), shows an example of good planning for a new mixed use development at Farini in central Milan, which exploits the vicinity of high quality public transport connections (train, metro, trams and bus lines) to propose a new model of mobility.

The latter, written by Luca Guala with Loris Schiacchitano urban planner, also at mic-hub and Giovanni Arioli, economist, at Laborex SA (CH), deals with the transformation of the public transport service from heavy rail to urban light rail along a railway line crossing Varese.

A pre-feasibility study was developed by MIC-HUB for the “Tram Train committee of Varese, exploring the possibility to transform both the FNM and the RFI lines that cross Varese to accommodate a tram-train service.

MIC-HUB at the European Transport Conference 2020

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