MIC-HUB selected to design Detroit West Riverfront Park

Francesco Maria Cerroni, director of the New York office, is happy to announce that MIC-HUB is part of MVVA team that was selected by the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy.

The West Riverfront park is destined to become a key part of the revitalization of the Detroit downtown area by linking elements that are currently disconnected and becoming an additional piece of a new virtuous model that I has been replicated in other areas of the city. Developing a set of equitable and complimentary means of accessing the new park we wanted to create a both local and regional destination by maximizing the use of the existing infrastructure.

As a new piece of the city’s non-motorized transportation network, the park will also function as an important junction for the expanding city’s greenways network. The new park will accommodate different type of users and our priority is to recognize and respond to their diverse needs.

West Jefferson right-of-way today is mostly devoted to cars despite the low traffic. Our strategy is to favor the virtuous modes transforming W. Jefferson into a multimodal boulevard that prioritizes pedestrians, cyclists and transit by refining a permeable space directly connected to the Park and the river.

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