Archipelago City workshop at the Future4Cities Festival

Stefano Boeri Architetti and MIC-HUB co-curated a two-hour workshop entitled ‘Città Arcipelago’ (Archipelago City) during the Future4Cities Festival.


This city model, which aims to create a more liveable and inclusive city via a radical redistribution of the urban space through green infrastructure, reduces the areas currently dedicated to vehicles. The resulting space can be used for cycling, public space and community life.


During the workshop, we engaged in discussions with the participants on their experience of city life, collecting fascinating data, insights and ideas from different territories along the way, to see how we can design better cities.

We can’t wait to share the incredible results of this exciting event.


Thanks to the public who attended and all the speakers involved: Maria Chiara Pastore, architect and researcher at Stefano Boeri Architetti; Federico Parolotto, CEO of MIC-HUB; Demetrio Scopelliti, Director of Urban Planning and Public Space at AMAT; Chiara Quinzii, architect and partner at Quinzii Terna Architecture.

Special thanks also to Will Media, FROM, BASE Milano and the European Commission Representation in Italy for making it all possible.

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