MIC-HUB is pleased to be the editor of Sentieri Urbani | Urban tracks 31: Mobility and cities

The fil rouge running through the number of Urban Tracks | Sentieri Urbani is that the mobility of the future will be radically different from that which has gone through the whole of the twentieth century. The greatest challenge starts right from the cities, a place where the harmful effects of traditional mobility are more evident. Self-driving cars, wayfinding, route calculation based on traffic and weather conditions, highly integrated intermobility are all aspects that will interact radically with the urban layout.

The relationship between mobility factors and the city, illustrated by MIC-HUB with Federico Parolotto and Gaia Sgaramella, is a topic which is increasingly at the center of the local and worldwide development debate.

In the journal, after the introduction of Marco Bianconi and Federico Parolotto, the issue was described into two parts: the first contains five “dialogues” with some of the protagonists of the debate on the evolution of city and mobility (Paolo Beria, Stefano Boeri, Andrea Branzi, Matteo Colleoni and Pierfrancesco Maran); the second was instead conceived as a small atlas of experiences that move within three ideal conceptual containers: «Mobility and city», «Smart city and Mobility city» and «Research and future of mobility». Good practices of MIC-HUB work experiences that represent the best that international experimentation offers today.

Mobility and cities analyses the mobility of the future throught projects and scenarious

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