MIC-HUB tutoring at the MaCT | IaaC Barcelona

For the fourth year MIC-HUB is part of the Iaac (Institute of Advanced Architecture) faculty in Barcelona. After two years of co-teaching with Urban Standards in the Masterclass course, considering how technology innovation in mobility will affect the shape and the patterns of the city of the future, now Gaia Sgaramella, Giuseppe Vallelonga e Federico Parolotto are working in the Master in City & Technology for the Seminar Named: Future Mobility II – The role of planners and the interpretation of mobility layer in the city.

This short seminar investigates the close relationship and fields of opportunities between mobility at large and urban planning specifically. Focus is placed on different tools, multi-scale methods as well as cultural theories that allow for a more differentiated approach to meet the needs of current and future mobility. In particular, students are faced the challenging task of exploring the mobility preliminary implications of a specific urban area, the Riyad urban settlement. The selected urban pattern allows the students, thanks to its variety of scales, identities and dynamics coexisting in the same ecosystem, to choose the analytic tools and the communication mode that would best suit their skills and learning goals, while promoting the rise of a structured and critical approach to mobility planning.

MIC-HUB is part of the Iaac Institute of Advanced Architecture faculty in Barcelona

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