Milano Arch Week 2020

On September 19th, our senior partner, Federico Parolotto, will be the chair of the round table Mobility as Urban Factor: 5×2 raccomandazioni per Milano in Triennale.

The panel will be the result of conversations done with 5 voices from different disciplinary fields, that will also be guests of the round table: Carlo Masseroli (Arcadis), Andreas Kipar (LAND), Paolo Beria (Polimi), Matteo Colleoni (Bicocca) and Isabella Inti (Temporiuso).

5 voices, originating from different disciplinary fields, across 5 narratives on mobility, will identify 5 visions that may respond to the great challenges our cities will face in the future.

The series of interviews are promoted by Milano Urban Center and Triennale di Milano.

Check the trailer of “Mobility As Urban Factor” and follow us to discover more!

We are delighted to be part of Milano Arch Week 2020!

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