Milano Future City: a new vision for Milan radial roads

Milano Future City is an idea by Metrogramma and MIC-HUB with Volvo Car Italia as main partner – the initiative promoted by Mondadori magazine Icon Design – envisages the redefinition of ten key major roads in the city as a new integrated radial network in which the car becomes one of the key actor of the mobility environment.

The project envisages the reconfigurations of the axis “Corso Venezia – Buenos Aires Via Padova”, a segment of approximately 6 km. The project is based on a road space redistribution strategy as well as on the deployment of new technologies.

The space redistribution strategy looks at the creation of a smart lane that will host electric vehicles as well as the new family of mobility devices that are increasingly populating our cities.

The project also looks at the possibility of reviving the public realm by reorganizing the public spaces, like Piazzale Loreto, currently occupied by car space only.

The initiative was supported by Volvo, the Swedish brand that focuses since more the 2 decades on rebalancing the presence of cars and people in cities.

Presented at the Volvo Studio, Milano Future City advanced and sustainable urbanisation project that aims at a strong integration between Car and City

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