Nodo Bovisa, Milano C40 Reinventing Cities competition

The MoLeCoLa proposal stems from the desire to create an innovative and sustainable technological district that integrates and promotes the redevelopment of the entire Bovisa district. The masterplan has been developed in synergy with the other interventions in the area, such as the Goccia extension of the Politecnico and the Durando/Andreoli PA (Implementation plan). The project aims to be an opportunity to mend the areas separated by the railway tracks through the redevelopment of the railway station as the beating heart of the renovated district.

MoLeCoLa’s intention is to be an ‘idea-producing’ district, its functional mix being based on three key principles: housing, production and interaction. Residences, student housings, commercial activities, co-working and the FerrovieNord Headquarters will be integrated within a public space full of equipped green areas, to create a harmonious landscape that meets the objective of achieving zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

First place: MoLeCoLa (Mobility, Learning, Community, Lab)

Team representative: Hines

Architect: Park Associati

Environmental Expert: Habitech

Others: ESA Engineering, Bollinger+Grohmann, MIC-HUB, Greencure, Irs – Istituto per la ricerca sociale, Schneider Electric, A2A calore e servizi, Aparto, Woodbeton, Studio Amministrativisti Associati

MoLeCoLa proposal win the international competition to reimagine Nodo Bovisa, one of the sites of the C40 Reinventing Cities!

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