New Waterfront Cagliari

More green areas and pedestrian-friendly spaces: the guidelines for Cagliari’s new waterfront are unveiled.

The project, which includes the redevelopment of the Rome Street promenade, improvement of the waterfront and the landscaping of Matteotti Square, is the first step in bringing the city closer and closer to the sea.

The project will involve an important and delicate area of Cagliari, not only because of the relationship between the city and the port but also because of the crossing flows of the entire coastal part to the rest of the city. The need to find a balance between different traffic and pedestrian enjoyment will be one of the challenges to transform Cagliari.

The project is the subject of a tender won by the temporary group of Stefano Boeri Architetti, MIC-HUB, studio Silvia and the S.T.P and Mate cooperative society, and includes the redevelopment of the promenade on Via Roma, work on the waterfront and the landscaping of Piazza Matteotti.

The project was presented in a video conference by Cagliari Mayor Paolo Truzzu and architect Stefano Boeri, who announced the start of design work for the New Cagliari Waterfront.

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