Oceanix Busan is unveiled at the United Nations HQ

The first prototype of a resilient and self-sustainable floating community was unveiled this week by a multidisciplinary team at the UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme).

With the unprecedented nature of our current climate that exaggerates the global need for innovation, this prototype envisions breakthrough technologies and solutions for coastal cities jeopardized by the impact of climate change. This prototype will also be the stepping stone for more efficient, intelligent, low-carbon urban mobility and logistics that intersect with local users’ needs and spark global innovation with replicable solutions across many coastal cities.



The world’s first prototype of a resilient and sustainable floating community is unveiled by partners UN-Habitat, the Busan Metropolitan City of the Republic of Korea, OCEANIX, BIG, SAMOO and Federico Marcantognini, MIC-HUB City Futures Director

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