Open MIC: the new episode of the podcast with Andreas Kipar is now available online

We are excited to present the new episode of Open MIC – Architects, Cities and Mobility with Federico Parolotto and today’s guest Andreas Kipar, co-founder and creative director of LAND.


Ep 08 > Andreas Kipar, reconnecting people with nature, especially in cities.

We talk to Andreas Kipar about landscape design centred on the city user, the citizen who does not use a car and moves around on foot or by bicycle and can experience the city as his or her landscape. Thanks to this change in perception, we can achieve strong urban forestation actions in the city to break up petrified areas and transform them into new green areas, welcoming and safe areas for everyone.


Open MIC is the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructures, city and the environment.

The protagonists of Open MIC offer professional and personal reflections on the urban theme.

The first season of Open MIC, Architects, Cities and Mobility, is dedicated to conversations with ten Italian architects, unfolding their story from their beginnings and their sources of inspiration, and going on to discuss their design vision and what needs to be done to generate change and redesign space and mobility in a sustainable fashion.

The narrator in this journey is Federico Parolotto, architect and CEO of MIC-HUB, long-time expert in transport planning and sustainable mobility.


Our eighth guest is Andreas Kipar, architect, landscape architect and urban planner. He is the co-founder and creative director of LAND, an international landscape consulting company with offices in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

He graduated in Landscape Architecture from the GHS University of Essen and in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Politecnico of Milan, where he has taught Public Space Design since 2009.

He is a full member of the German Academy of Urban and Regional Planning (DASL), the Association of German Landscape Architects (BDLA), the Italian Association of Landscape Architects (AIAPP) and the Italian Urban Planning Institute (INU).

He is the inventor of the “Raggi Verdi” (‘Green Rays’) model in Milan, urban greenways which connect up the various areas of the city to favour a new slow mobility from the centre out towards the suburbs. This model, internationally recognised as a pioneering model in green urban planning, has also been subsequently applied in Essen, the European Green Capital 2017, and in the award-winning Smart City of Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye in Moscow.

LAND’s work has been recognised through prestigious international awards, including the Premio Mercurio, MIPIM, Wan Awards, Biennale Pisa, Passive and Low Energy Architecture Award (PLEA).


The episode is available from 15 June 2023 on Spotify, Spreaker and the major listening platforms.

Listen to the eighth episode of Open MIC - Architects, Cities and Mobility with Andreas Kipar! Architects, Cities and Mobility is the first season of Open MIC, the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructure, cities and the environment.

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