Open MIC: the second episode of the podcast with Mario Cucinella is online

We are excited to present the second episode of Open MIC – Architects, Cities and Mobility with Federico Parolotto and today’s guest, Mario Cucinella, MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects.


Ep 02 > Mario Cucinella, a journey of our cities and mobility from the past to the future

We embark on a journey with Mario Cucinella that starts from primordial architecture, taking us through the influence of buildings on the urban environment, and arriving at the issues related to the network of small towns spread across Italy, presented at the 2018 Biennale, and the future challenges to reduce motorised traffic in our cities.


Open MIC is the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructures, city and environment.

The protagonists of Open MIC offer professional and personal reflections on the urban theme.

The first season of Open MIC, Architects, Cities and Mobility, is dedicated to conversations with ten Italian architects, unfolding their story from their beginnings and their sources of inspiration, and going on to discuss their design vision and what needs to be done to generate change and redesign space and mobility in a sustainable fashion.

The narrator in this journey is Federico Parolotto, architect and CEO of MIC-HUB, long-time expert in transport planning and sustainable mobility.


Our second guest is Mario Cucinella, architect, founder and creative director of MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, an architecture and design firm with offices in Bologna and Milan.

In 2015, he founded SOS – School of Sustainability, a school for young professionals and recent graduates that aims to prepare them to tackle global environmental issues with an open-minded, holistic, research-driven, and human-centered approach. In recognition of the importance of his work, he has been awarded the International Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Honorary Fellowship of the American Institute of Architects.

Among the topics we explore in the podcast is his experience as the curator of the Italian Pavilion ‘Arcipelago Italia’ at the 16th Venice International Architecture Biennale. We also discuss his book ‘The future is a journey to the past. Ten stories about architecture’, in which he gives us valuable insights into environmental issues and the responsible use of available energy.


The episode is available from 27 April 2023 on Spotify, Spreaker and the major listening platforms.

Listen to the second episode of Open MIC - Architects, Cities and Mobility with Mario Cucinella! Architects, Cities and Mobility is the first season of Open MIC, the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructure, cities and the environment.

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