Open MIC: the third episode of the podcast with Claudia Pasquero is now available online

We are excited to present the third episode of Open MIC – Architects, Cities and Mobility with Federico Parolotto and today’s guest, Claudia Pasquero, co-founder of ecoLogicStudio.


Ep 03 > Claudia Pasquero, Nature-based Solutions to address climate change.

We talk to Claudia Pasquero about ecology and bio-design, as well as the relationship between architecture and science and the opportunities in the fields of biotechnology, photosynthetic elements, waste and mildew, which will help to optimise the large-scale distribution of resources in the new eco-conscious cities and urban mobility networks.


Open MIC is the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructures, city and the environment.

The protagonists of Open MIC offer professional and personal reflections on the urban theme.

The first season of Open MIC, Architects, Cities and Mobility, is dedicated to conversations with ten Italian architects, unfolding their story from their beginnings and their sources of inspiration, and going on to discuss their design vision and what needs to be done to generate change and redesign space and mobility in a sustainable fashion.

The narrator in this journey is Federico Parolotto, architect and CEO of MIC-HUB, long-time expert in transport planning and sustainable mobility.


Our third guest is Claudia Pasquero, architect, curator, author and educator. Her work and research operates at the intersection of biology, computation and design.

She is co-founder of ecoLogicStudio in London, and Associated Professor and Director of the Urban Morphogenesis Lab at the Bartlett UCL. She is also Professor of Landscape Architecture and founder of the Synthetic Landscape Lab, and Head of Institute for IOUD, at Innsbruck University.

Claudia was Head Curator of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in 2017, which she called BioTallinn, and she was nominated in the WIRED Smart List in the same year.

She is co-author of Systemic Architecture – Operating Manual for the Self-organizing City published by Routledge in 2012, and she is currently co-authoring her latest book DeepGreen, Bio-design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, due to be published in the next months.

EcoLogicStudio has successfully completed a series of photosynthetic architectures such as the Urban Algae Folly (Milan, 2015), the BioTechHut (Astana, 2017), PhotoSynthEtica (Dublin, 2019), PhotoSynthetica (Helsinki, 2020), AirBubble Playground (Warsaw, 2021), among others.


The episode is available from 4 May 2023 on Spotify, Spreaker and the major listening platforms.

Listen to the third episode of Open MIC - Architects, Cities and Mobility with Claudia Pasquero! Architects, Cities and Mobility is the first season of Open MIC, the MIC-HUB podcast on the theme of mobility, infrastructure, cities and the environment.

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