Palermo, a new vision for the city

In a recent press conference held at Politeama theater the new vision for the city of Palermo was presented, which was developed with MIC-HUB’s support for transport-related issues.

The master plan explores the possibility of planning a new city starting from an “intimate” and people-centred approach rather than imposing a set of rules from above, which often proves ineffective. The team focused on defining a new boundary for the city, addressing the edges of the built environment and looking at public transport and urban density to redefine public space.

“Working with 5+1AA is always a privilege” said Sabine Garrone, partner at MIC-HUB, “their integrated approach to planning has allowed the team to stay focused during the development of the project – we believe the team has produced a real new vision for the city, a possible turning point for Palermo”.

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