Paul Mees interview

Paul Mees began his career as a lawyer, later becoming an academic. He had a BA and LLB (Hons) and qualified as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Mees’s work is largely concerned with the planning of public transport in cities. He was a strong advocate of public transport, but less keen in urban cycling as a realistic mass transport solution.

Latest research was on planning decision support tools for multimodal urban transport systems, and improvements to urban public transport planning in Australia.

His work provided the basis for the European Union’s 2005 HiTrans project on improving public transport in medium-sized cities and towns.

Mees had been a high-profile contributor to public debates on transport planning in Victoria, Australia over the last decade.

Some of the most notable issues have been his legal actions attempting to prevent the construction of expensive transport projects contrary to his views on good public transport policy.




February 2013

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