Alexandros Tsiatinis - Consultant

Mobility Planning Team

Image of Alexandros Tsiatinis

I moved to Milan in 2010 to pursue my studies in Urban Planning and joined MIC-HUB team in 2018 as a consultant in transport planning.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with prominent architectural firms on a variety of projects, including Sustainable Mobility Plans, Master plans, and Complex Buildings.

My interest is focused on exploring and providing solutions to the intrinsically intertwined sectors of land use and mobility planning through strategizing, visioning and mapping.

Since joining MIC-HUB I had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of sustainable mobility, mobility planning, micromobility and develop my skills in GIS mapping and elaboration.

As a native Cypriot the increased activity of MIC-HUB in my homeland gave me the opportunity to become an asset with my understanding of the context playing a vital role in my participation. My aspiration is that through these projects we will be able to assist the country move toward to a more sustainable future!

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